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A good relationship is a vital part of a happy marriage. Knowing you need help means finding the right marriage counselor to make your marriage work.
I'm an experienced and compassionate marriage counselor, I draw on a variety of methodologies and techniques, including CBT, psychodynamic psychotherapy and EMDR to find what works best for each marriage and each couple.
Many people enter therapy after traumatic experiences or unhappy childhoods.Many have suffered a grievous loss, a bitter divorce, a heartbreak that will not mend, a sorrow that leaves them broken.  EMDR, which stands for Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing, is a therapeutic method which incorporates back and forth eye movements and dual attention stimuli that allow distressing memories, thoughts or images, to come safely to the surface.
EMDR is more effective and faster than purely verbally based forms of therapy and is a marvelous addition to the healing process. 
If you come to therapy with me, we will work together in a collaborative and proactive way to help you affirm the strengths in your relationship and better understand each other's emotions. In a supportive atmosphere, we will access the source of the stress, anxiety and depression and get to the core issues. We'll work on ways to facilitate growth and reach new goals. Repairing past injuries  and unresolved issues restores trust and commitment. It's an essential part of bringing the love back into your marriage.  
Phone consultations are free, so please call  to learn about the opportunity of making your marriage work.    

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